About Us

Emperial Music Group is one of the music industry's hottest emerging music company. Emperial Music Group(EMG) is privileged of working with artists of all genres (pop music, reggae, hip hop, afrobeats , hip hop gospel, reggaeton, soul, rock), bringing their creativity to life in studios, on stage , and on televison around the world.Our purpose is to change lives of the artists as well as the fans.The creativity behind the music and the artists, can uplift, inspire and create a memory that will last a lifetime.

Emperial Music Group services ranges from, Recording Label, Live Concerts Events, Influencer Marketing, Branding Strategies, Media Campaigns, Music Video Promotions, Emerging Artists BillBoard Magazine, Song Placements, Music Production and Artist Development.

Emperial Music Group has its own digital channel, called EMG Studios- Channel 307, under the platform and app "Universe Network Tv",  which is currently broadcasting live on Roku , Apple devices and Android. EMG Studios is a platform for all forms of content, suchas Films, TV Series, Documentaries, Podcasts, Film Festivals, Live Concerts, and Music Videos. 

The services we provide are truly unmatched. Our focus is to deliver 100 percent real marketing services to our clients that truly delivers results and purpose.  Our business relationships continues to grow daily on a professional level.

As an advocate for Independent Artists, Emperial Music Group is proud to be part of the shift in how independent artists get their music out to the world.